Welcome to New Universe of Education

The journey of Dream, Think, and Innovate started from my childhood, I believe that our childhood has a lot of impact on what we do in our life or what we become. And when I look back on my childhood, I get a very clear picture that I was very curious about looking at a different perspective of even smaller things.
I believe that everything starts with a dream. I not only look at things which are visible at times, but also use to dream about dimensions that are invisible to others.

Same way, I have always dreamt about creating a new universe of education. The dimensions of this dream might not be visible to everyone as of now, but will be visible soon. I'm on the way of creating this dream into reality.

It is on the verge of being converted to reality which might be invisible to others as of now, but would be visible very soon through all my initiatives.

The Castle of My Dreams

"I want to go to the school" the first thing kids should tell their parents!

I created Dudes and Dolls, the castle of my dreams, for kids, I wanted to create something where kids feelhappy & motivated coming to school every day when they get the first things that they tell their parents is that I want to go to School. I designed the concept of Dudes and Dolls The Cosmic School, its curriculum, infrastructure, defined learning outcomes and created systems processes so that they look forward to coming to school every day and I know kids of that age would love to come will only come if they wish and like to come and if they look forward to coming, they will be curious to learn too.


With people from various Walks of Life

Every human being has a different journey when it comes to education, few people achieve big by using formal methods of education and others achieve without formal education, if we have to create something for the future its important to explore the journey of both types of people and the best one can know about it, is by having straightforward conversations with them and exchange thoughts. In sync with Ritesh Rawal, I have straightforward conversations with people from various walks, I consider these conversations as part of my research about education and we share our learning.

First Topic: Future of Education

Future of Education is a digital document that provides answers and perspectives of all stakeholders of education throught research and analytics. It empowers people through powerful and relevant insights.

Second Topic: Role of a Teacher

Main Hoon Teacher was a digital document where we discussed the important role teachers play in the everyone's life and yet not given the credibility they deserve.


What is Reality?

The central idea behind explorism comes from inquisitiveness and the urge of basic human being to find out about the world, truth, ideas, ideologies, science, art, and about all the elements that exist in the world through own lenses and with the help of either self-created methods or by leveraging existing exploration or research tools available. The key idea is that dynamism and evolution of thought, physical and the social environment has evolved and changed with the passage of time, it has also created a deep impact on basic human nature and approach towards looking at the world. Incremental value gained by self dependence and that has created a natural demand to have independence in human nature, the evidence of such thought the process is quite clearly visible in the social structure in the current era. Explorism provides a strong fundamental philosophical framework to deal with inherent inquisitiveness of a human being to find out about the world, truth, ideas, ideologies, science, art in our own way.



Learning is always incomplete without its manifestation

Why should student's study? And where will they manifest what they are studying? I created the world's 6th education philosophy "Manifestism" from these two fundamental questions. If the purpose of schools is to prepare students for future jobs and opportunities, then the learning environment, learning space, role of a teacher and curriculum should also be philosophically defined accordingly and it can only happen when an education philosophy addresses "Why" and focuses on Manifestation of learning, because, it is the question that will help children in creating stories of their life.


Inclusive Education

Taking ideas to the bottom of the pyramid

My roots are very well connected with the villages, I have always been connected to the roots of our country, the rural villages and later on during my research work, I traveled to various part of the country quite often. I think the gap between rural and urban India is huge especially when we look at education. I don't believe in promising a lot but I think with my experience in education I will surely be able to do something that helps in creating similarity in education in rural India with urban India, it could be through innovative technology products, creative policies or working at the grassroots. I started Ritesh Rawal Foundation for dedicatedly taking ideas to the bottom of the pyramid.

Kids, not programs: 3 Innovations

To change the way education is being imparted all over the world

Kids should be allowed to explore things as much as they want; it is the responsibility of the creators of education to structure the flow in a way that allows them to learn in a free-flowing manner at the same time explore all the aspects. My first innovation "Sprionment" focuses on creating a learning space and environment, second innovation "Out and Out learning" focuses on learning about every aspect of a topic, things which are given the curriculum, and things which are not given in it and third innovation "Limitlessness" focuses on exploring the limitless potential of the child without any boundaries.

First Innovation in Learning Space & Learning Environment

The learning space and learning environment is as important as teachers and curriculum, if we want students to understand "Why they are learning? " and "Where will they manifest it? ". The learning environment and learning space needs to be designed acccordingly.


Second Innovation in Methodology

This method laid down step by step process as well as detailed steps of the certain of a lesson plan to implement learning in such a way that students can experience everything practically and not just leaving it up to practical or simulation.

"The Out & Out Learning"

Third Innovation in Child Development

"Limitlessness" is a scientific method of child develpment which can help each child in exploring the potential that they have and activate it with a framework or a process.


A New Chapter

World's First School of its kind

I always dreamt of opening a school in India, which can change education all around the world. And then one thought came in my mind अगर स्कूल , स्कूल न हो
लेकिन फिर भी स्कूल हो
Using the same thought and three innovations in education, I dreamt of opening a school in India which is an innovation for the whole world. This was the beginning of "Adhyay", a school that is not just a school but 20 to 22 industries within.
This is Adhyay!

Word's of Appreciation

Mr. Amitabh Kant(CEO, NITI Ayog)

Roots of our Country

Manifestism of Agriculture

What if a School is not a School and it is still a school? The genesis of my upcoming senior secondary school "Adhyay" is based on my fundament question, and in search of the answer, 1 started doing research and created my own philosophy of Education Manisfestism. The model of Manifestism is based on "proof of applicability". It means whatever we describe in the Philosophy should also be practically applicable in real life then only Manifestism will be considered complete.

Therefore, it is important to institutionalize each sector in Manifestism and to establish the "proof of applicability" I decided to learn each sector as practically as possible. And I decided to dedicate my first chapter to the mother nature, and my roots, which has a major contribution in making whatever I am today.

Exploring the Real India

Manifestism of Handicrafts

India... it is not just my country, but a world within which consists of so many cultures, languages, arts, and crafts. What inspires me the most about my country is its handicrafts and people who are behind this craftsmanship.

These craftsmen are the ones who have kept our culture alive not because it provides employment to them, but because they want to keep the heritage alive.

On my mission "Manifestism of Handicrafts" I'm not only on a journey to study the different handicrafts in our country but also spend time & learn the craft from the craftsman behind.


An Attempt to felicitate thought leaders

I have always believed that people who have been able to impact the industry, sector, or an organization and drive transformation, should always be recognized and felicitated. It's an opportunity to recognize their efforts towards driving transformation.
With this objective we started #BrickOfChange Awards and the first award was given to Mr. Amitabh Kant, whom I consider as one of my inspirations in my life.

What are Questions?

Everything starts with a dream and my dream, Dudes & Dolls started with this question only.