Education Philosophy

My Education Philosophy - “Manifestism”

Manisfestism focuses on “Manifestation of Learning”, according to this philosophy, the circle of learning would not be considered complete if there is no manifestation.

This philosophy adds a new dimension and clearly highlights that in order to develop children’s abilities, it is really critical to manifest whatever they are learning; this will surely remove all the existing gaps and doubts.

Moreover, as per this philosophy learning environment and learning space is as important as the teacher and the curriculum.

Contribution in Education


Dudes and Dolls tested my capability of challenging the status quo in all the aspects. The concept of Dudes and Dolls, its infrastructure, curriculum designing, Dolls arrived in the...


Adhyay currently is a dream in action, it means that after doing extensive research and understanding the challenges faced by the students studying in the school (class 1st to 12th)...


After extensive research on grassroots' challenges of the country. I started Learning by doing movement with the objective of transforming the education. The key lies in transitioning from 'knowing' to 'doing', as opposed to the conventional approach. The transformative movement therefore focuses on experiential learning with an aim to collaborate with local government structures for achieving standardization by influencing policy changes. The movement is currently operational in the rural areas of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttrakhand. It will be adopted PAN India going forward.




The idea “Future of Education” is an idea based on a question, what would be the future of education? Is Artificial Intelligence going to rule the world? Then what would be happen to parenting? Would the expectation of students remain same? If No, then which method would be the most successful? As the world of education is changing a lot of such questions will emerge and people will try to find answers? Future of education is a platform that would provide answers and perspectives of all the stakeholders of education through research and analytics. It will really empower people through powerful and relevant insights.

This movement was started with the objective of creating and facilitating an ecosystem for innovators in the field of education. The following initiatives have been envisaged under this.

  • School of Innovation of Edu-Innovators: A structured mentoring programme personally led by Ritesh Rawal
  • Seed funding support
  • Technical Support

In Sync With Ritesh Rawal

A Candid Conversation about The Future of Education